Saturday, March 21, 2009

White spider lilies

Another of the flowers I got from my mother when she moved house decided to surprise me the other day by flowering. I called her and asked what it is called and she replied that it is a spider lily. I have done some searches on the internet and have found many different types of spider lilies, amongst others my own. Unfortunately I couldn't find the scientific name of my specific one, but does it matter?


  1. Those are wonderful...! They look like plants from another planet. I have never seen anything like them. I will see what I can find out, and let you know.

  2. Very interesting looking flowers, I have never seen one of them before - they almost look like petunias with streamers hanging off the petals.

  3. wow, I have never seen those before. They are beautiful!

  4. Hey-
    One of these came up in my yard.
    Sent a photo to my Dad and he sent me 2 sites one of which was yours.
    Here is the other one it has the scientific name of it. Not sure if they are exactly the same but it may get you closer to yours.

    They are really pretty.

  5. We live on a farm at the foot of the Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape South Africa and have 2 plants that started to flower on Friday!
    We were astonished by its beauty..God is great!
    Will post photo when it is downloaded!

  6. I live in Jacksonville, Fl and "stumbled" across this beautiful flower/plant this past week. I love them, want them, but haven't a clue where to buy them. I went to our Home Depot and they didn't even know what they were. Any ideas where I might purchase bulbs or does anyone have some to share?
    You can send an email to me at



    1. You can purchase them from Michigan Bulb Company. Just go to their web site.


    Googled this for ages, and look how close to home it is. Lady Slipper, just down the road from you. :)