Saturday, March 7, 2009

Victoria Park

Port Elizabeth is very fortunate to have many open spaces and natural areas around the city. Unfortunately unlike in other countries, the inhabitants of the city don't really utilise these parks as much as they should. Most of the time the excuse is safety and although safety is sometimes an issue, it shouldn't be. If the inhabitants of the city go to parks like Settlers Park, St Georges Park and in this case Victoria Park in their droves, there will be no gap for opportunistic criminals to try something. But I digress...

I have driven past Victoria Park many times as it is just around the corner from my office, but I have never been there. I popped in the other day during lunch with my camera in hand just in case there is anything to photograph.

The park itself wasn't as big as I expected, but that is because there are many sports fields and open areas around the outer perimeter of the park. But it is a very nice park with lots of space for walking, relaxing and for children to play in.

There are several ponds with waterlilies and lots of dragonflies and damselflies. Of these I will do a post at a later stage.
Tomorrow I am off to the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) conference in Sun City in the North West Province. I have never been to Sun City so I am quite excited. Obviously my camera will make the journey with me, so I will come and show you all there is to see at Sun City when I get back on Thursday.


  1. Very pretty!! I see you were the only one there - as you said, it's such a pity that we don't use our parks like we should .. Enjoy your trip and happy snapping!

  2. What a gorgeous little park. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I am once again catching up on your blog, and your post on Msenge Lodge is wunnnnnderful! Omigoodness, what I wouldn't give for a visit to that lodge! I think I could probably do without the lions peeking at me, though. :-)

  3. Lucky you - off to Sun City! Some of it is good, some a bit artificial, but good nonetheless! Have a ball!

  4. Every year the 'PE Orchestra' plays a great sundowner open air concert in the park (they sit on the island with the Thatch afdak and loads of folk go to watch with families and picnic blankets etc - A mate of mine took a swim in the pond just after the concert one year, not voluntarily off course! But we are much older and far more responsible now.

    Great Blog.

  5. What a lovely park! It is a pity that people don't use it more often. Hope you enjoy Sun City!

  6. Really beautiful park!Have a nice time in Sun city!Wow!

  7. good god you live in a gorgeous place! Of course it does help that it's summer where you are and I'm still struggling through an English winter. Still some really beautiful locations and fab fab photos!

    What a shame people don't use it- soo true if lots of people use the park then the criminals will have less opportunities.

  8. I have photos of my mother in this least it looks like the same place. She grew up in PE but I have never been. You make it look beautiful but I'm sure it isn't all over.