Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My niece was born on 15 September last year and this past Sunday was her christening.

The ceremony took place at the NG Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) in the town of Kirkwood. Little L was very good and didn't say boo or baa when the minister put the water on her head.

A bit of a deviant look afterwards

As well all drove out to Kirkwood for the day for the christening, my sis and her hubby took the family out for lunch at a little local restaurant. Here I got the opportunity to take a couple of pics of the family taking turns to hold Little L and Little L took the opportunity to stick her fingers in her cake. Here a proud mom and dad is with their little angel. Angel for now. Believe me, I have two. I know these things.
The cake, which in the end we didn't get to eat of. Brother-in-law must be tired of cake by now.


  1. Ah - she's a cutie pie!! So they wanted to eat all the cake themselves - shame on them!!

  2. LOL! I hate that - missing out on cake! How sweet she is! I love family functions like this - being together! Can't wait for this week-end ... ...

  3. She's so cute!!
    Now I need to go find a piece of cake...

  4. Great photo´s!Your little niece is so cute!Congrats to her christening.I am sure the cake was delicious!