Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Apple Express

The historic little Apple Express steam train that puffs out of Port Elizabeth most weekends on a day trip to Thornhill has really been struggling for the last couple of years. Not just do the Apple Express Society struggle financially, but their steam engine has been out of commission for about two years now. The have been working on restoring the engine and about three or so weeks ago they took her out on a trial run. I just got home when I heard her whistle and jumped in my car and rushed to the railway line. I just made it and while running the last bit got a couple of shots of with my camera before she passed. I am so glad that she is back in running order. The have big plans for the Apple Express and the provincial government have now come on board as well with plans of a weekend passenger service to the Langkloof area.
My friends Sue and Max (SAM) at Port Elizabeth Daily Photo was lucky enough to have been on the train for the trial run. Read more about their experience here and here.


  1. Thats a great little train, so bright and colourful, A really great shot. I am just settling down to watch a TV documentary on Johannasburg ( that spelling isnt right, is it? )

  2. Fantastic shot! Love the smoke!!

  3. Thanks for the visit to my blog.

    Great to see the content on your blog. Port Elizabeth and surrouds is one of the better parts of the world to be able to call home.



  4. It is so nice to see that this grand old lady is back on the tracks and is now doing regular trips. That diesel engine just never had the same pizzaz

  5. love your idea about restoring the old train yard and turning it into a market, hope someone with lots of money picks up on it!