Monday, December 8, 2008

Plough Shells

Karin posted a pic of her son holding one of those snails that live in the tidal zone on Picture this! by Karin yesterday and I went scratching for my Plough Shells pics.

A little while ago we went camping at Cape St Francis. While taking a walk on the beach we found literally hundreds of these snails. They live under the sand within the tidal zone. After a wave washes over them they come out of the sand to find food and when the water pulls back they dig under the sand again.

We found a dead jellyfish on the dry sand which I picked up with a stick and dropped on the wet sand. They were all over him in such a flash you won't believe it. It seems that they use what looks like a tentacle or tongue to eat with. The green on the shells is algae.
A little way down we found another dead jellyfish and they were climbing over each other to get to its sides and underside where they can get to the meat more easily. The top of the jellyfish seems to be to thick for them to eat from. The kids were totally in awe but at the same time a bit freaked out when they realised that they were actually under their feet in the sand.


  1. My goodness you even have glamourous snails, yes bottle that summer and send it here!! I cant believe your lounging by pools and on beaches, when I have 3 sweaters and numerous pairs of socks on, depleting the ozone layer with central heating on full blast......Grrrrrrrrr!!!! never mind off to Arizona in 9 days .........Wooo-Hooo

  2. I'm in awe right along with your kids. These are beautiful! I would want to collect the shells but I s'pose since they still had critters in them I wouldn't have been able to. I wonder if they keep those colors after the snail is gone.

  3. wow those are some cool snails! Squidge is really into sea creatures and would have gone bonkers if she's seen that!

  4. When ever I see these snails they remind me of my gran and I start to laugh. She came out from Scotland to visit one year, and we took her to the beach. Everytime she picked up one of these snails it would "wee" on her. As kids we thought this was hysterical.

  5. Hi Firefly
    Thanks for all the visits and comments. I have been very busy lately and as a result have been slack in the visiting so am playing catch up.
    These are intersting creatures. I always find it fascinating how they are able to hone in on the carrion (if that is the correct word for dead sea life :)) that washes up on the shore. Nice shots