Friday, October 14, 2011

Game Reserve tracks

Over the last two years or so the veld in the Eastern Cape has been very bare and brown due to a long drought, but after some very good rain during the winter the drought seems to be broken in most areas and the vegetation has returned with a vengeance.  Visiting Bucklands Game Reserve during late August this was very evident and one of the things I love about it is that it makes the game drive tracks stand out very nicely, making them very photogenic.
The first photo was taken at the lookout where we had coffee on our morning game drive while the second one is a track running past the lodge. 


  1. And the leads on forever calling my name.

    Hard to say no to a two-track, where my truck wants to go. And me too.

    Especially surrounded by all that green.

  2. I agree with Gaelyn's comment! There is something so inviting about a track leading into the distance. Glad to hear you've had that much-needed rain.