Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Rhino

After spotting lion on our evening game drive at Kuzuko Lodge, the next member of the Big 5 that we encountered was a Black Rhino about 15 minutes into our drive the next morning.  I haven't seen a black rhino for ages, the last one being years ago in Addo Elephant National Park.  What a privilege to see this beautiful animal in its natural environment.  So sad that some idiots in the Far East think that it's horn, which is made of exactly the same material as your nails, can be used for medicinal purposes and now drive the demand that leads to these animals being illegally poached for their horns.


  1. such a lakka pic of the rhino and you right it is sad how they kill the rhinos for there horns its not cool well great post!!

  2. They are almost prehistoric looking.

  3. How lucky to see this rhino in its natural habitat. Such a shame they're an endangered species just so people can get rich. Great shot!