Friday, October 7, 2011

Dolphin Point at Wilderness

One of the most popular lookout points on the Garden Route is Dolphin Point just outside Wilderness on the way to George.  Most tour buses as well as holiday makers tend to pull over here to both stretch their legs and enjoy the magnificent views.  Looking east you can see Wilderness itself with its long stretch of sandy beach leading off into the distance.

Turning the other way you see the Kaaimans River railway bridge down below.  The railway linking George and Knysna was completed in 1928 and it used to carry the very well known Outeniqua Choo Tjoe steam train until 2006 when the line was badly damaged in floods.  Unfortunately the train has since ceased to operate.  When I was still a tourist guide we always timed our departure from Knysna in the morning so that we could be at the lookout on time to see the train puff across the bridge.  The good old days...


  1. A beautiful beach and another place I didn't stop at. Really a shame about he train.

  2. God's own country... that's what I used to call that coastline...

  3. Beautiful! Unfortunately we whizzed through this area - hubby had to get me to Knysna as quickly as poss so he could go onward to see his dying mom. Next time we shall stop and take photos. Have always seen photos of the bridge and puffing trains and would have loved to seen the bridge in person :(
    Realised I haven't popped by for ages - time just seems not on my side at the moment!
    I too have lots more photos of our trip (Knysna as well)!! Love your sunrise in Plett (I love sunrises over the sea - always made a point of watching them in Ballito on our family holidays - special moments and memories!
    Snails - gosh, they fascinated me on the beach in Port Alfred, the way they left their twirly whirly trails on the sand!

  4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! WoW!