Monday, February 28, 2011

Camp site Bushbuck

Camping at Mahai in the Drakenberg we noticed a couple of Bushbuck roaming through the campsite.  They weren't tame, but quite clearly used to and comfortable around the campers.  The honorary rangers told us that its a female with her young that often spend time around the campsite and when the young one was a baby she sometimes left here close to the ranger's building while going off on her own.  We spotted the male outside the camp area next to the road one day and apparently he doesn't venture in between the tents like the female does.

The one afternoon I was sitting on the grass with Drama Princess eating apples when the female slowly came closer.  Although she was very careful, she came right up to us and even ate apple from our hands.  At first Drama Princess was very nervous and unsure, but after seeing that there was no danger she actually fed the antelope as well.


  1. Neato! That's one for the memory books!

  2. There can be no greater wonder than an encounter with a wild and free animal! BEAUTIFUL picture of ur daughter and you..and a wild and free animal! I bet it will be one of her favorties forever!

  3. It is always such a thrill when the wildlife come to us.