Monday, February 14, 2011

Mountain flowers for Valentines Day

Seeing that today is the day of love and flowers are (or at least should be) associated with Valentines Day, I have decided to post a selection of flower pictures taken in the Drakensberg. 

I took the picture of the orange flower on the Tugela Gorge hiking trail.  I specially like this picture because Chaos Boy in his orange shirt is visible in the background. 

My flower knowledge is scary at best, so I will just call this a pretty purple flower. 

 Another one from the Tugela Gorge Trail with the cloud covered mountains in the background

These little yellow flowers (see, no name again. I'm sad, aren't I?) grew next to one of the mountain stream.  Unfortunately it was very cloudy and its not the brightest of photos.  Happy Valentines Day everybody!!!


  1. If you thinking of sending me flowers for Valentine's day....I love Tulips * giggle *

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I like how the oranges match. Every year I try to learn a few new flowers but I still have a long list of LYFs.....

  3. They are spectacular pictures, of LYFs. ;~)

  4. Great selection! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who labels flowers that way.

  5. Cool valentines flowers, Did you pick them all after you shot them? :-)

    The last two look like (top) Yarrow, and the bottom looks like something close to a daisy or dandelion. I think the purple one is a snapdragon or closely related. What do I know, You have different flowers there than we do in Oregon USA. :-) Thanks for sharing and leaving kind comments on my photo blog.

  6. The first photo is great, you should call it 'shades of orange'