Monday, February 7, 2011


As I mentioned in my post about Mahai Campsite in the Royal Natal National Park last week the campsite has no swimming pool and you swim in the Mahai River at the Cascades Waterfalls.  Cascades is about 500 meters from the campsite.  Its a very easy walk to Cascades along a paved walkway and you get the view above just before climbing down to the river.  

There is a nice (not to deep) pool at the bottom of the falls for you to swim in, while the upper area is shallow and on flat rocks, making it ideal for small kids.  Before all the rains came it was also quite nice walking in right under the falls for a "shower".  I have to say though that the water isn't just your ordinary pool water.  Even though it was in summer and the weather hot and balmy, the water still originates in the mountains above and is refreshing to say the least.

Then the rains came and the Cascades had a bit more white water. Didn't stop the visitors from still swimming in it though.  The water did feel just a little bit colder though.

Yours truly having a contemplation moment on the rocks at the bottom of the falls.


  1. Great photos and as always great backstory! Thanks for sharing! We have the cascade mountain range here in Oregon too. You made me want to go shoot more waterfall and mountains again.

  2. Looks very inviting, as long as the air is warm. I only waded in some Berg streams on my hike.

  3. wow wow wow! the mountain ion the first pic... magnificent with the river flowing.. Love this!!

  4. Now thats the kind of holiday I yearn for!!!