Tuesday, February 15, 2011

General Hertzog Bridge

The town of Aliwal North is situated in the North Eastern Cape next to the mighty Orange River, which is the boundary between the Eastern Cape and the Free State.  The town was formally founded in 1850 by Sir Harry Smith who named it "Aliwal" in memory of his victory over the Sikhs at the Battle of Aliwal during the First Sikh War in India in 1846.  He added the "North" in opposition to Aliwal South (now Mossel Bay) to avoid confusion.

The first bridge over the Orange River next to the town was the Frere Bridge which was built in 1881.  This was replaced by the General Hertzog Bridge in 1937.  The stone Frere Bridge was demolished after it was replaced as it was very close to the new bridge and they were afraid that if something happened to it that the new bridge wmight be damaged.  The steel General Hertzog Bridge is a prime example of a truss bridge.
Standing on the bridge, this is the view I had of the Orange River as it flows across South Africa in a westerly direction.


  1. Love seeing my country through your eyes...and camera lens.
    I feel so proud of being a South African.

  2. Cool bridge. First capture is awesome. Leading lines and composition are perfect. Great contrast too.