Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beach treasures

When you take a walk on the beach you always scan the sand to see it you can't find something interesting. Most of the time kids will pick up shells, sticks, stones (not to break bones), mermaid's purses, feathers or whatever else they find.
This seagull's feather lying next to this stone caught my attention and I just got one picture of it before Chaos Boy leaped into frame to pick it up.

The same happened with this tennis ball. I was still crawling around on all fours and swoozh, it was gone. The tennis ball had me wondering though. Where did it come from. Was it some dog's toy that got thrown too far into the waves for him to fetch and got washed up later? Was it one of the balls that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadel hit off the building in Dubai in that TV ad? Or did it belong to a couple of bored fishermen on a fishing boat that where playing catch? Who knows? But its lying in my garage now. LOL.

Both these photos were taken during our week spent in Cannon Rocks.


  1. lol...UR ENTRY PUT A SMILE ON THIS DIAL OF MINE NOW, I could just picture the whole scene, you described it so well...
    Awesome clear shots...
    Is taking photo's not the best hobby ever, I'm falling more and more in love with it...and so love seeing what other people do with theirs...

  2. I love these shots, the lonely tennis ball is fabulous you can see the sand grains so clearly...wonderful. That shot is deffo one to have on the wall !!!

  3. I also love the tennis ball, very interesting shot. I was also seen crawling on all fours on the beach today, trying to photograph all sorts of interesting bits. I still have sand in my ears to show for it!!

  4. The tennis ball shot is fabulous!! I also always wonder how things came to land on beaches :)

  5. My guess - dog's toy .. and you took it .. shame on you !! Beaches are interesting places. Looking forward to seeing Cannon Rocks - don't know of it.

  6. The tennis ball? I think mine from last week when I had the dogs at the Oregon beach. :-)