Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Boardwalk day and night

The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment complex on the Port Elizabeth beachfront is a very popular spot for both locals as well as visitors to the city. The nice part about it is that you don't have to visit the casino to visit the Boardwalk. In actual fact the complex is a very family friendly environment. Most of the shops are open in the evenings until 20:00 while the restaurants are open till late.

Boardwalk by day

Boardwalk by night


  1. Lovely reflections in the water -- how did you shoot this one?

  2. Nice place! Love the reflections in water.

  3. I love the Boardwalk. Been there a couple of times with the in-laws. My favourite has to be "69 degrees South" or something!! Can't remember the name, but remember having a fabulous meal there, and also bought some intersting bits and pieces!!

  4. I'm loving this introduction I am getting to P.E via your blog...have never been there and always thought it was a * * - no dont let me say it!!!
    But now I'm seeing what a beautiful place it is...thanks so much.

    The photo's are great...looks magical at night!

  5. Love the night scene - the reflections in the water is beautiful!

  6. Wow, the difference is and night! :-) They do look very different and I like the night shot better. Would have not thought it would turn out like it did!