Monday, October 13, 2008

Table Mountain Part 2

To wrap up yesterday's post on Table Mountain, I decided to show you the sights on and from Table Mountain, just to give you a better idea why people go up the mountain.

As posted yesterday, there is several trails that you can follow once you are on top of mountain. (In actual fact you don't only have to go up with the cable car, you can also hike up the mountain via one of many different trails). The trail on the mountain is a circular route with various lookout points along the way.

The lookout points give visitors several different vistas and views of the city below as well as the surrounding mountain range. The view is awesome from the top of the mountain and you can see Cape Point, Robben Island, the whole city as well as the Hottentots Holland Mountains in the distance. he view above overlooks the City Bowl with the city centre as part of it, the harbour, Blouberg Strand on the other side of Table Bay and the mountains in the distance.

And just in case anybody was wondering what it actually looks like on top of the mountain. Lots of rocks, fynbos (plants that form part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and translated as fine bush) and not much else. So what is the conclusion from this. People go up Table Mountain to look at the view.


  1. What a great view.

    To answer your question about the leaves in my post. Yes, some of them were moving.

  2. These posts about Table Mountain are wonderful...! My mother loved Table Mountain, and she spoke about it so often. I had no idea there was a cable car going up there.

    Table Mountain is indeed iconic, isn't it? When my brother went to South Africa, the first thing he wanted to see was Table Mountain. I had somehow thought of it as being just rock, but there is some vegetation up there. And what a fabulous view!

  3. it really is a very special part of the world!

  4. Amazing shot of such a huge area. Makes me wonder how many miles you can actually see from there.

    I have an extreme fear of heights and these photos got my heart rate up a bit though lol.