Monday, October 27, 2008

Luxury Game Reserve Lodge

The area around Port Elizabeth is one of the prime game viewing areas in South Africa with a big amount of malaria free game reserves situated within one to one and a half hours away from the city. The biggest and best known one is the Addo Elephant National Park. As it is a National Park, it is affordable for South Africans to be able to visit it. The majority of the game reserves are private game reserves that offers visitors some or all of the Big 5 with 5 star lodges. These game reserves are fairly exclusive with top notch service and facilities and mostly only within reach of tourist's wallets. Along with the Chinese delegation I was accompanying last week, we did a site inspection at Pumba Private Game Reserve, one of the top reserves in the area. This is what the one lodge looks like.

The lounge, dining room, bar and other public areas are normally great areas to relax in after your game drive or meal or just to pass the time of day.

Each game reserve's bedrooms have a different quality to them. Although the windows give the rooms a very open airy feeling, they are totally private and the only peeping toms will be the wild animals.

A very popular design for bathrooms is openness. People seem to like to sit in their baths looking out the window to the bush beyond or up at the stars. A lot of the lodges also have outdoor showers for that real getting back to nature feeling.

Although this lodge is very smart, don't think they are the exception. The game reserves all have fantastic lodges, each with their own charm and feel and all offering something slightly different from the rest.


  1. Aaaaah, how I wish I was there right now!

  2. Oh blimey, I'm sat here huddled against the cold, and see these wonderfull shots, Grrrr,
    |Mmmm not sure about the bath, Damn British modesty !!! still I suppose theres no-one to

  3. That is a beautiful location. I like the bathroom, it would be a neat change from what we are accustom.

  4. that open bathroom is stunning.... I have Van Morrison's voice going through my head, singing "lalalalala, let it all hang out!" hehe.
    About the old train yard, we were worried about security too, and when we saw an official looking guy with a spoornet vest on we went up and apologised for trespassing but told him how we just love the old trains and were painting them. He turned out to be really nice, his name is Anthony, and he offered to take us to the Humewood Depot to see the newly refurbished steam engine that is going to run the Apple Express, as she was just having her first steam test.... the official unveiling and first run is due on the 8th Nov. So it was REALLY COOL!We got to meet the enthusiasts who are working on her, and see the engine they are going to tackle next (needless to say I have a gazillion pix). Go there as soon as you can, because metal thieves are hauling off bits of the place at a scary rate, soon there won't be much left to photograph!