Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cape Point Critters

Although the Table Mountain National Park is not a game reserve, it does have some game in the Cape of Good Hope section of the park. Land mammals include zebra, eland and baboon, while dolphins and whales are often spotted along the coastline. Many bird species can be found there as well, from the world's biggest bird, the ostrich, to sometimes antarctic birds making land here. But for all the scenery and everything else there is, its the little things that sometimes catches my attention more than anything else. In this case a very hairy caterpillar and a small lizard. Both of these I photographed on the walk down from the old lighthouse to the parking lot.


  1. That caterpillar is so colorful and hairy :) Hes gorgeous.

    The backgrounds both critters are standing on are interesting.

    You should join Camera Critters and let others enjoy your critters.

  2. Very nice shots. I would love to visit there one day.