Monday, October 20, 2008

Boardwalk's Oriental Village at night

We went for dinner at the Chinese restaurant at the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex on the Port Elizabeth beachfront the other night. It was a gorgeous evening and the lights from the Oriental Village at the Boardwalk look specially appealing. I never go anywhere without my camera, so piep piep, click.

I've done a post about the Boardwalk before. It can be seen here:


  1. This photo is very the lights and the buildings are beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful evening!

  2. I like this. I'm not good at night shots.

    Yesterdays shot.. ew ew ew :)

    I appreciate your feedback about my past post. I debated about the red object too. I thought it might have added to the shot somehow but I don't know. I posted one without the red object so we can see which one works best.

  3. Great image, really atmospheric love it !!:-)

  4. Don't you just love the sound of the tiny Tree frogs at night? I love walking around the Boardwalk on a stil evening, and taking in all the different froggy sounds.