Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Places of worship in Ningbo

My post tonight is a bit info less. I can't find my Ningbo visitor guide brochure to give you some info on the places I am featuring today. I did find my map though, so I may be able to give you some idea on what you are looking at. We saw many different types of churches and places of worship. In this post I will feature three. That not counting the houses of worship for the shopping gods. That we saw lots of. Great big shopping centres. But for me churches make better photographic subjects.

This church is marked on the map as Christ Church. According to the notes I took it is a Catholic church and is situated in Waitan Park. Moments after I took this pic the skies opened up with a thunder storm of note.

This pic is of the Catholic Church next to Tianyi Square, one of the biggest shopping area in Ningbo. The back of the church is visible from the square and on spotting that the lights were on I headed over there after dinner. I took this one the same night as the pic of Tianfeng Tower, which meant that it was taken from under the umbrella with on hand while hoping that there aren't any raindrops falling on the lens.

This pic was taken of a Buddhist temple next to Moon Lake Park. We had a peek in and there were lots of incense being burned and very colourful areas for prayer and contemplation. The facade on the top of the building was fascinating.


  1. Another great set of images, number 2, is just beautiful a great angle, I can see you are enjoying your new camera.

  2. I don't know why but it surprised me to see such western christian looking buildings there, the middle shot is pure magic!