Monday, October 6, 2008

Moon Lake Park, Ningbo

Moon Lake, also called Xi Lake or Huxi Lake by locals, is situated in urban Ningbo. The lake is surrounded by Moon Lake Park. The area is very popular with locals as most of the people in the urban area lives in appartment building without gardens and uses the park to get into a natural area.

Apart from several historic buildings that is situated around the park and lake, there are also ornamental gardens, rockeries, walkways and many quiet spots to relax and find yourself.

All throughout the park we saw people fishing from the lake with basic fishing rods. I didn't see anybody catch anything though. This "guy" was sitting on a rock on the bank in one of the more senic spots. To me this is what Moon Lake is about. Being calm and "rustig".

The park is specially attractive at night with the moon reflecting in the lake, hence the name Moon Lake. Many of the buildings around the lake is also lit up at night which make the area even more senic.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the view through the round gateway/arch, really clever shot. Such an interesting set of images, I'll look forward to the next posts

  2. Isn't the traditional Chinese architecture exquisite? They have always known how to incorporate the natural elements haven't they? Like Ann, I am looking forward to seeing more photographs!

  3. Very rustig indeed! They really know how to make a park attractive. I agree with Ann, that second shot is fabulous!

  4. Great shots, I agree that the way the round gate frame things is beautiful.

  5. i like the mixture of views you show here, from the top one that gives the contect, with the modern high rises overlooking the park, and the view through the round "moon gate" is fab.