Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enjoying the view at Bruce's Beauties

There are some really tranquil spots along the Jeffreys Bay and St Francis coastline where one can sit and take in a view of the ocean.  Passing through St Francis Bay I had an hour or so before a meeting and decided to grab a couple of Geocaches.  One of the caches was located close to the legendary surf spot, Bruce's Beauties where I found this young lady taking a break on a bench overlooking Bruce's.  The sea was fairly calm so there weren't any surfers out there on this specific day. 
So how did Bruce's Beauties get its name, you ask?
In the 1960's, surfing film pioneer Bruce Brown hunted the world's perfect surf spots for the cult film classic ' The Endless Summer'.  He wanted to find the "Perfect Wave" and at St Francis he did.  The spot became known as Bruce's Beauties and is renown as a surf spot for the fearless.  This exposed point breakis seen as an ultimate wave ride.  Unfortunately due to development along the coastline the break isn't what it used to be but two or three times a year the conditions are just right and then you know this is the place to be if you own a surf board.


  1. I pick up surf facts here every now and then, which is good as I don't know anything about that!

  2. Except that I'm not a surfer, that movie is my dream. I'd love to constantly follow summer. This looks like a beautiful place to hang out.

  3. Interesting and beautiful spot :-)

  4. That's such a beautiful bit of coastline. Can't wait to be in Sape St Francis for new year!