Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The JBay Shell Museum

Jeffreys Bay has always been know for two things.  Surfing and shells.  These days surfing in the town is bigger than ever but unfortunately shells aren't.  I remember when I was small we always visited my grandparents at Paradise Beach close by over school holidays.  You could go out early morning just after high tide and pic up the most beautiful shells.  These days there are very few left.  Lots of small ones but no more big and beautiful ones although you can still get lucky every now and then.

If you do want to see beautiful shells though the best bet would be to head over to the Jeffreys Bay Shell Museum.  It located behind the Jeffreys Bay Tourism office just off the main drag through town and is well worth a visit.   This collection was started by Charlotte Kritzinger, a local shell collecting spinster, in 1945.  She pursued the hobby till her death in 1965 and later the whole collection was donated and the museum established.  Close to the museum you will also find the Shell Booths where local shell craft can be purchased.


  1. Found some shells at Tsitsikamma on the beach yet they also have a nice display in reception.

  2. why, are the shells gone? What's the environmental background? Collectors get in early? Or have the currents changed somehow? Stripped the sand from the beach causing erosion??