Friday, November 1, 2013

Riding PE's miniature trains

Ketik ketik... ketik ketik... ketik ketik... The sound of the train's wheels on the tracks.  A sound which so many kids these days have never heard before.  Everybody loves to ride on a train doesn't matter if its a luxurious tourist train, a cross country train, a day trip tourist train, a commuter train or, in the case of this post, little miniature trains.  

On the first Sunday of the month Port Elizabeth parents gather their kids, pack picnic baskets and head down to Fernglen to ride the city's little trains.  The Port Elizabeth Model Locomotive Society was established in 1963 and offers young and old the opportunity to experience the golden age of train travel, even if its only a couple of loops around the park.  The route includes a dinkum tunnel and crosses over the Great Grass River Bridge before the engines steam back into the station.

There are both diesels and steam locomotives although most adults prefer to wait for the latter.  Kids really don't care much about this and will hop onto the first one available.  Rides were R6 a go the last time I was there and at that price people can afford to go again and again and again which means there is about a 10 minute wait to get on when it gets busy.  Not much so the wait is no excuse not to go.  Actually, if you even just remotely like trains this is something you just can't miss.  And believe me, once people get on those trains, everybody becomes a kid again.


  1. This looks like fun but I'd like to take the Purple, or Blue, train between CT and Joburg.

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