Sunday, November 24, 2013

Biggest sundial in the Africa

The biggest sundial in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere can be found somewhere in South Africa.  "Where in South Africa?" I hear you ask. Cape Town? You're cold.  Johannesburg? Very cold. Durban? Still cold. Port Elizabeth? Getting warmer. Where then? Its located in the humble Gamtoos Valley town of Hankey.  The Hankey Sundial was completed by local farmer Mr Dirk Schellingerhout in 1989 to commemorate the town's 160th anniversary.  The dial is located at the entrance to the town and just below Vergaderingskop, the final resting place of Saartjie Baartman. The Hankey Sun Dial has a diameter of 34.6m and the gnomon is 18m high, and weighs one ton.


  1. Hi Firefly...this is cool! I love to see when people get compelled to do something like this...a personal passion that ends up being a gift for all those around them. Wonder why he chose a sundial to commemorate the anniversary? Wonder what the connection is...

  2. That is very cool and especially being made by a local farmer.

  3. You learn something new every day!! :)