Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pink plane

On the road to Morgan Bay on the southern Wild Coast you may just spot one of the most unusual and unexpected sights anywhere along a road in the province.  A huge pink plane parked next to the road.   The Convair 880, named Eish Airlines, belongs to Billy Nell, former Finance MEC of the Eastern Cape provincial government and stand son Morganville Farm.  Nell had the plane towed to the farm from Bisho airport and now forms part of his collection of old bikes, automobiles and flying machines.


  1. Better to see that than flying pink elephants :-) We know someone in Jhb who had a pink Porsche Carrera, you could never miss him. Diane

  2. The biggest pink transport i have seen are large pink cement mixer trucks travelling the Australian roads! I have never seen a plane! Impressive!

  3. Does anybody have the phone number, to where this Airplane is being displayed?
    We are looking to Restore a Convair 880, and besides Elvis Presley's, "Lisa Maries Airplane" on
    display in Memphis, I believe this Pink Airplane, is one of the last ones still in tact. Any information would
    be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    You may email me at: