Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Storms River Mouth Trail

I can never rave enough on how awesome the Tsitsikamma National Park.  Its an absolutely beautiful place and the amount of visitors, both domestic and international, that go there daily is proof that its one place you cannot miss when travelling along the Garden Route.  Most of these visitors do the Mouth Trail from the rest camp to the Storms River Mouth which is one kilometer away.

One of my personal highlights of the walk is the stream that flows past very close to the start of the trail next to the beach.  Drama Princess loves waterfalls and we first had to have a look at where it flows onto the beach.  She then wanted to know where it came from, which was easy because the trail passes the stream just above. 

From the beach we headed onto the trail and stopped just below another waterfall the precedes the one on the beach.  Honestly, I think if the Kidz had a choice they probably would have just stayed at the pool and played there, but there was so much more still to be seen and I had to chase them on.  Also by now we were starting to fall behind the Damselfly who was well on her way towards the river mouth already.

But another stop followed shortly after.  The trail has an open air classroom where the history and ecology of the area are depicted on boards.  The Kidz wanted to have a look at what these first before we continued on to the suspension bridges waiting for us at the river mouth.  More on that another time.


  1. I'm going to walk that trail. So cool how your kids love the outdoors like you do.

  2. Made the trip from PE to Storms often many moons (40+ years)ago. A favourite place full of memories and pleased that it is still a favourite with many.

  3. There is something about waterfalls that really attract people.
    I re-visited a waterfall in South America recently.
    Pictures will be posted later.