Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fish on the Rocks

Everybody loves fish and chips and every city or town has a good fish and chips shop on a corner somewhere.  But good isn't always best and for the best fish and chips around one has to head past the harbour at Hout Bay and down to Fish on the Rocks.  Africa's favorite (as they put it) fish and chips shop was started by the Brodericks 23 years ago and has become a very popular stop for both locals as well as national and international visitors.
The choice between hake, snoek, yellowtail, calamari and prawns make it quite difficult to decide what to order and my choice the day of our visit was deep fried snoek.  I can just taste that snoek again along with the smell of vinegar on the chips. Mmmmmmmmmm......
The best way to experience your meal at Fish on the Rocks is actually down on the rocks next to the restaurant overlooking the bay and mountains beyond.  Ours was a windy day but the Damselfly still wanted to go and sit on the rocks.  Even if it was just with a ice cream.


  1. That looks So good. I ate good fish & chips along the road many times.

  2. Fish and chips from Hout Bay... my all time favourite! Never found anything quite like it anywhere else :-)

  3. aaaah, we were there 2 weeks ago for the crisp, hot, fresh chips! Love it. We also went to the Sunday craft market in the shed just behind the restaurant - some awesome stuff.

  4. Great place to eat that is Haraam. Aziz the owner confirmed they allow liquor on their premises.