Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm

We really enjoy camping and usually try to camp at two different places for our summer camping holiday.  Last year (2011) we planned to start out in Montagu and then head down to Cape Town for the second part.  It was a bit of a struggle to find a family friendly, sheltered and nicely situated caravan park, but finally decided on Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm in Noordhoek and we weren't disappointed.  Not just was it a fantastic caravan park but also very well situated to explore the Peninsula and close enough to go into the city for the day. 
Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm has 46 caravan and camp sites very nicely spaced on the 2 hectare property.  The sites are big enough for a large caravan and us with our 3 tents had more than enough space to play with.  My biggest worry before the holiday was the notorious Cape winds, but as soon as I we pulled into the caravan park my fears were snuffed out.  There were more than enough trees as well as grass hedges to stop any wind from reaching our tents and during the ten days that we were there the wind didn't bother us once.
Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm isn't called a farm for nothing as they have a whole host of farm animals roaming the park.  We had daily visits from the geese as well as the ducks while the kids all tagged along with owner Chris every evening when he went to feed the horses, cows and pigs.  The geese and ducks were normally the first once to visit a site after people packed up as they probably find lots of bugs and goggatjies when the ground sheets are lifted up.

The elaborate play park is situated in the cow camp and as long as the kids watched where they stepped they could spend hours climbing, swinging and playing in the park.  We had to go looking for them a couple of times after dark as they just wouldn't return to camp on their own.
The adventurous Chaos Boy even tried out the foofy slide.  Next time we decide to go to Cape Town on a camping holiday again I will definitively stay at Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm again.

What did we like? 
Location, shelter from wind, lots of shade, activities to keep the kids busy
What didn't we like?
The noisy caravan club camping behind us and perhaps the ablutions could do with an extra sweep a day (not that I'm complaining about it)


  1. Sounds like a good place to stay. All I remember of Chapmans peak is cycling over it during the The Argus cycle tour !! Diane

  2. I liked all the caravan parks stayed at in SA but wasn't camping by the time I got to the Western Cape. Next time. And this looks like a great place for the kids.

  3. as much fun as camping is ,its a wonder we ever built houses! wonderful tents... I love it!

  4. Wow - I feel like booking in there immediately!