Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cape Point Vineyards

Visitors to the Cape would normally associate wine with the Stellenbosch and Franchhoek areas, so big was my surprise to discover the Cape Point Vineyard on the Cape Peninsula just outside Noordhoek.  Although some reports show that vines were planted in the Noordhoek area as early as 1752, the Cape Point Vineyard's first vines were only planted in 1998.  The vineyard is situated on a narrow strip of land between the cold Atlantic and the mountain with the warm summers and cool sea breeze creating the perfect micro climate with slow ripening conditions.

I'm not much of a wine drinker but couldn't resist escaping the family for an hour or so to go wine tasting at the vineyard's tasting facility.  They have two wine brands that they market, the first under the vineyard label,  Cape Point Vineyards, and the second one being their funky label called “Splattered Toad”.  They produce both white and red wines but their Sauvignon Blanc is world class and has won several awards over the last couple of years.  You can start by tasting a minimum of three wines (for curious non drinkers like me) or there are options that include more wines.  They also have a deli on site and you can order cheese, cold meats and fruit to enjoy with your wine. 

The Cape Point Vineyard, and specially their irrigation dam and system, is a primary breeding ground for the Western Leopard Toad which is endemic to the area.  The toad is also the figurehead of Noordhoek and the Vineyard has started working closely together with the local residents and Toad NUTS (Noordhoek Unpaid Toadsavers) in their conservation efforts of these toads.  The Splattered Toad label is based on the Western Leopard Toad and R1 gets donated to the conservation initiative for every bottle of Splattered Toad sold.  Funding was also made available by Cape Point Vineyards to, amongst others, erect signage to warn traffic of toad breeding zones.


  1. One place we haven't been! The platter looks yummy!! I've seen the Splattered Toad on the shelves and not bought it yet .. will get a bottle and try it now! There is a Jordan white (savignon blanc I think) which also donates a portion of it's sales to a chameleon fund. All great initiatives!

  2. I like their style and community participation. Not much of a wine drinker myself so didn't stop at any wineries on the Cape. Maybe another time.

  3. This is still on my list of things to do. But I have partaken of their wonderful wines!