Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kalk Bay to Simon's Town train ride

My Kidz have never been on a train in their lives and the ideal opportunity for that first train ride presented itself while on holiday in Cape Town.  Cape Town has a very good rail commuter service and we decided to catch the train (along with quite a few other tourists) from Kalk Bay to Simon's Town.  The tickets cost next to nothing, probably less than the petrol if we had taken the car.  Waiting for the train at Kalk Bay Station the kidz were looked like they were high on sugar bouncing up and down in excitement and checking down the track the whole time to see if the train was coming yet.

Finally the train arrived and we got on our way down the Peninsula's eastern seaboard towards Simon's Town.  The kidz just loved the experience and couldn't stop looking out the windows at the passing landscape of beaches, people, buildings and ocean.
The train ride isn't that long and it probably took us about 15 or 20 minutes to travel between the two towns.  Along the way we passed Fish Hoek and Glencairn before getting off at Simon's Town Station about one kilometer outside the town centre.  After spending about two hours exploring Simon's Town on foot we headed back to the station for the return journey.  A journey well worth the travel.

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  1. The train would be a wonderful way to explore the coastline and to get to Simon's Town without all the traffic, a fun town to explore.