Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Montagu Village Market

Fresh cherries (the fruity kind, not the two legged ones).  Organic vegetables.  Home made jam.  Grain fed farm eggs.  Olives and olive oil.  Homemade bread and rusks.  Paintings.  Antique tools.  Vintage bric-a-brac.  Intricate wireworks.  Hand crafted jewellery.  These are just some of the items you will find on sale at the weekly Village Market in Montagu.  Every Saturday morning stall holders start to set up their stalls quite early and by the time the market opens at 8am (08:30am in winter) they are ready for both locals and visitors alike.

Walking through the market you don't really know where to look or to start.  And if you aren't quick then you may just be disappointed, specially if you are looking at the fresh produce and food.  Point is, don't do what we did by passing the fresh cherries with the intention to come back later.  Not 15 minutes after I took this picture the cherries were sold out. 

Our highlight of the market was the breakfast stall.  They do a breakfast roll on a seed bun and if you take a full house it consist of mushroom, bacon, egg and cheese.  It comes in a tin plate and you can have a tin mug of coffee with it.  Oh man, lip smacking.  Seating are at wooden benches and logs and from there I watched the ladies working behind the stall motor between preparing the food and dishing up.  They were by far the busiest stall there as most people had breakfast in between their shopping (or just browsing if your wallet is a bit empty). 


  1. You have now succeeded in making me wish I could go to this marvelous market. I can't, as we have five dogs to take care of! Those cherries looked yummy and that breakfast roll has my tummy grumbling.

  2. Markets like this are the bomb diggedy! I love them, and this one looks especially good! Irene Flea Market is probably the best one closest to us - oh and the Waldorf Organic Market! One has to be careful, as a lot of the smaller ones around Jozi are full of all sorts of rubbish imported from China - and I'm not talking about the good bargains you can buy from the Chinese Market!

  3. This is SO my kind of place. I want at least one of everything.

  4. U can't lose weight with that kind of breakfast ;) ' giggle '