Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bird watching at Montagu Leidam

Bird lovers visiting Montagu doesn't have to go much further than the Leidam to see a wide range of birds fairly up close.  The residents around the dam include Grey heron, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, African Sacred Ibis and the Common Weaver with 18 local species and 52 migrant species counted.  The town has put up a very nice and accessible viewing deck next to the dam and visitors who would like a closer look can get a key for the gate from the tourist information office.  If you want to find the dam just follow your nose, cause with the amount of birds living next to it there is a bit of a "flavour" hanging in the air.

The Leidam was originally built to supply water to the (then) majority of town via canals. Each house had an allocated time in the day during which they could draw water from the canal.  This system is still in places today although the town has grown quite a bit since those days and the area covered by the canals are basically in the western part of town.

African Sacred Ibis


  1. Great place for birds but the canal water looks questionable.

  2. Stunning capture of the Ibises. I also love the view across the dam. Montagu looks so lush and green in all of your pictures. I guess the plentiful supply of water helps!