Monday, January 23, 2012

Montagu Dried Fruit Route

Visiting the Montagu Dried Fruit factory shop we found out that they have a sightseeing tractor tour of the farm for which we immediately booked.  The tour takes about an hour and a half to two hours and passes the fruit drying area and orchards before heading up the hill behind the farm.  Once you are out of the actually farming area you start ascending the adjacent hill with its typical Karoo vegetation.  The Kidz were obviously very excited about the trip and the first ones onto the trailer when the tractor pulled up.

At the top of the hill the tractor stops and visitors are given the opportunity to walk the last bit up to an old English fort.  Along the way you can get a closer look at some of the typical Karoo plants growing next to the path. The fort itself sits right on top of the hill with fantastic views all around.  

Looking around from the fort one can see why this location was selected to build it.  You can see forever all around the valley and across to the town of Montagu lying right in the middle of it, with the gun slits covering every possible approach and sentries being ably to see any movement in the valley.  

Even though its a fairly short tour its advisable to get something to drink (and perhaps snack on) at the factory shop to take along on the ride.


  1. Fun tour. Really like the stone work from the old fort.

  2. Love the photo through the hole in wall !

  3. What a fun outing and I can just imagine how excited your children were! I well remember my own childhood with odd tractor rides tossed into the mix of fun activities we enjoyed. Another delightfully informative post, thank you, Jonker! I'd love to go on this and sample some of the dried fruits on offer at the little shop.