Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ruined house

One of those unwritten rules of photography (and life) is to never venture somewhere potentially dangerous or unknown while you are on your own.  Always make sure you have backup.  Not that a guy like James Bond listens to that kind of advice.  But James Bond I'm not, so I ventured as far as the door.  There are a couple of old houses at the bottom of South End in Port Elizabeth that is literally falling apart and I decided to have a closer look.  Unfortunately I was alone so I didn't venture further than the door for safety reasons.



  1. Great place for photography....and you did well on the few you took from the door only!!! hehehe

  2. There's beauty in that decay.
    You might like to have a look here:
    His 'feral houses' and 'lost neighbourhoods' shots are amazing.

  3. Smart move for some very interesting captures.

  4. 'tis a great collection of photographs. Merry Christmas!