Monday, December 6, 2010

Painted Reed Frog

Admiring the little spekboom trees in one of the local plant nurseries the other day, a slight movement caught my eye.  A little Painted Reed Frog was sitting on one of the branches and tried his best to be invisible when I brought the camera closer. 

Painted Reed Frogs are found from Swaziland in the north to as far south as Port Elizabeth.  While those in the north are striped, the painted reed frogs in the Eastern Cape are spotted.  They normally have pink limbs with adhesive discs on their toes.  Usually found in reed beds close to water, they have a short, loud, piercing whistle.


  1. Superb frog Jonker - many of the frogs have the gold coloured eyes - just like the one in your photo.

    Well spotted and excellent pics!

  2. Oh he's a cutie. I love the speckled patterns on his body.

  3. Fantastic photo of a really beautiful frog. Diane

  4. Good photos! It's nice that he was kind enough to pose for you.