Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot Air Ballooning

A little while ago the Damselfly and me got to go away for a weekend without the Rugrats. Last year I won a weekend trip up to the Gauteng province, all expenses paid, and this was the first opportunity we had to use the prize. One of the activities we got to do was hot air ballooning at Magaliesberg with Bill Harrop's Original Hot Air Ballooning safaris. This man is a legend and we were lucky enough to actually be on the balloon that he was piloting that day. That morning they had 4 of their balloons up which gave me a great opportunity to get balloon pics.

Hot air ballooning at sunrise

Balloon reflextion in the river


  1. Oh you lucky, lucky things ( a weekend alone, I can't remember the last time we managed that),beautiful Balloon at sunrise, what a stunning shot.

  2. Ann is correct, lucky you! Sans kids, balloon ride, great photography.

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  3. oh my word, these are such STUNNING pix! What an awesome prize.

  4. I LOVE the reflection shot. great eye...I actually said, WOW out loud when I saw it.