Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coral Aloe on Oukop

Coral Aloe is one of the many aloe species found in South Africa. Unlike most other aloe species, the coral aloe does not have thorny or spiky leaves. These aloes are in full bloom at the moment and in some areas in the Karoo the fields of aloe looks awesome at the moment. This coral aloe is growing on Oukop in Cradock.


  1. Fantastic I have an Aloe as an indoor plant, it would die outside the climate is too variable (it would drown this year) but how lovely to se a "real" one in its natural habitat.

  2. That's quite a beautiful and interesting looking plant.

    I love reading your history of South Africa. I used to hear so much about it from my mother and my grandparents. My mother's heart never left South Africa, nor my grandmother's.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful aloe!!! I love the look of it...the flowers and the thornless leaves!