Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eight legged critters

Seeing that two of my "blog friends" have posted spider pics over the last day or so, I decided to do the same. I went digging for some spider pics and found two I took a little while ago.

This one I caught kind off unexpectantly. I was trying to get some nice pics of the water drops on the web when the little guy made his appearence.

Good ol' Daddy Longlegs sitting in a corner that we have neglected to dust for a little while.

I am on my way to Johannesburg for the annual Getaway Show. It is the premier domestic travel and outdoors show in South Africa and is on from Friday to Sunday. I am flying up tomorrow (Thursday) already to go and set up and will be back on Monday, so my next post will be then. So stick around. Just don't get eaten by the spiders.


  1. OHHH...that top pic is outstanding! How cool.

  2. Spiders. *shudder* Great photos.

    Have a fabulous time in Johannesburg.

    I have been catching up on your blog and reading about Grahamstown. You always have something fascinating over here!

  3. OMW - these are really good, but I'm so glad I was not the one behind the lens! I agree with Julie, the first image is fabulous!

  4. Great shots( even though insects give me the creeps), really well done #1 is the winner for me.

  5. These are so cool. For some unknow reason we have no spiders at our place and I am thinking of introducing them.