Wednesday, June 24, 2015

J Bay Wind Farm from a dirt road

Love them or hate them, the wind farms around Jeffrey's Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis has become part of the Kouga region's landscape.  After a meeting in Humansdorp recently I did a detour to Paradise Beach along the road that leads through Lombardini Game Farm and stopped to snap this pic back on the road. 
What's your feeling about the wind farms becoming such prominent landmarks on the landscape?


  1. They certainly are controversial, but a necessary evil I think, if we are to switch to clean energy. We have masses of them in the UK.... I like the ones off-shore that sit way out in the Channel.... serving their purpose but not really spoiling any views :-)

  2. I totally support alternative energy but massive sized wind farms are a detriment to birds and bats. Why can't us humans do things in moderation?