Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Firefly Photo Files is a finalist in the 2014 Bloggies awards

Imagine my excitement when I was told the other day that The Firefly Photo Files has been selected as one of five finalists as Best African Weblog in the fourteenth annual Weblog (Bloggies) Awards.  This is where I would like to ask for some help from you.  Public voting plays a major role in how the winner gets chosen and I need all of you as well as your spouses / partners / moms / dads / kids / uncles / aunts / grannies / friends / co-workers and anybody following you on social media to please go and vote.  "How do you do it?" you ask.  Well, here are 7 easy steps. 
1. Go to the Bloggies Website:

2. Scroll toward a bit to Best African Weblog.  The order of the blogs changes, so it may be in a different order.
3. Find the “The Firefly Photo Files" blog
4. Click on the small round grey box at the bottom right of the thumbnail.
2014 bloggies

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your email information.
2014 bloggies
6. Check your email:
Weblog awards
7. Confirm vote:
Blog Awards 
Voting is open until 28 March so please check back March 31 for the winners!  Only one vote is allowed per email address so if you have a couple please vote a couple of times.  To those who decided not to go and vote, thanks for at least reading this far.  For those who do vote, thank you so very much.  For those who vote and get others to vote by sharing this post or just asking them to do so, you truly are my heroes.

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