Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Timber Shed

Another one of the historic sites in Plettenberg Bay that I'm sure very few people are aware of is the Old Timber Shed.  Located in Meeding Street close to the beachfront, it was built by Johan Jacob Jerling in 1787.  The building was used to store timber for the Dutch East India Company with the first timber being shipped out in August 1788.  Unfortunately the project had limited success and failed to survive the colony’s First British Occupation in 1795.

The Timber Shed was declared a national monument in 1936.  There isn't much left of the building except for the stone walls and a couple of windows, but I was quite impressed with how neat the area both inside as well as around the building is kept.

I couldn't resist getting a "through the window" photo as well


  1. Love this old masonry. Reminds me of so many places from around the world.

  2. Now when I see walls like that I long to do a people photography shoot with those walls at the backdrop.

  3. Your photo's and comments are great! We love Plett and it would seem as though you do too.