Thursday, July 7, 2011

Enjoying sunrise

Having only two nights in Plettenberg Bay and with lots of rain about, the chance of getting a beautiful sunrise over the bay was very slim.  I still set my alarm early enough for the first morning to head down to the beach for sunrise.  There were clouds about but enough sky peeking through, so the odds looked good.  One drawback though was that I didn't have an object to put in the foreground.  I did have my tripod though, so it was a case of focus, press button and 10 seconds to get into position.  Somebody looking down from the houses next to the beach must have had a good laugh at this guy running up and down the beach.  This is one of my two favorites.  The other one I'll keep for another time.


  1. Superb photo, but I do love sunsets ans sunrises. Diane

  2. Nice shot Jonker. The running exercise is good for you. Wasn't Sweetie just telling you to get to the gym?

  3. Lovely shot; I envy you your water and your ability to wake up early enough to actually get the photo in the first place!

  4. Good thing you had your tripod along with you--and who cares what the neighbors thought?


    Planets hurtling through the sky,
    Can you tell me one thing: Why
    Are you intent on fleeing
    Far from human sight and seeing?

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sky Over Zacatecas

  5. Really a gorgeous sunset... never mind those who watched you run... great shot!

  6. Excellent sunset, my friend.

  7. Totle of this post is so apt for the picture ! :)

    I like it, I like it.

  8. Stunning...and definitely worth the running to add your silhouette.

  9. LOOK AT THAT SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wOW...only in Africa!!

  10. At this time of the year we enjoy magnificent sunrises in Plett, -each day different. Just now the almost full moon is up and shining over the bay.
    Carreen, Rus en Raas