Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kitchen Cafe - Plettenberg Bay

So there the Damselfly and I were in Plettenberg Bay for the weekend.  It was cold, somewhat wet plus we had a couple of unfortunate hiccups during the day.  For the Saturday night we had a 19:00 reservation at Kitchen Cafe in the Main Street but was seriously contemplating staying in bed with the heater on for the evening and chilling with a pizza or something.  How glad am I that we didn't!!  Manager Gerry met us at the front door with a very big smile and led us straight to one of the prime tables right by the fireplace.  I was quite impressed specially seeing that there wasn't a lot of empty seats left in the restaurant at the time.  We ordered our drinks and with the fire cracking close by the feeling slowly came back in our fingers and toes.

Our waiter Tyron came by with the menus and gave us a couple of recommendations.  What I specially liked was how he has had just about all the items on the menu himself and could describe it all to us whenever we had a question on an item.  Often I find that waiters have never actually tried the items on the menus themselves and he told us that it was the owners policy that the waiters had to know the food they serve to be able to give you first hand information.  For a starter I decided on the Butternut Soup while the Damselfly had a Starter Calamari.  The soup was perfect and most importantly, hot.  I just hate getting a soup on my plate and its only luke warm.  The Damselfly remarked how the starter calamari didn't come with the normal tartar sauce, but with a sweet chili sauce.  Although she found it unusual, it turned out to be the perfect compliment.
After only having a light lunch I was in the mood for some meat and the Sirloin Steak was a great call as a main.  It was perfectly done and served with chips (thin, crispy on the outside and soft inside) and rocket leaves.  My sauce of choice for the evening was a lip smacking port and mushroom sauce.  I just couldn't wait to tuck into it and the knife just sliced through it like nothing.  Perfect!
The Damselfly was a bit undecided on what to have and was uhm'ing and ah'ing about possibly having the mussels.  This is where Tyron stepped up to the plate (in a matter of speaking).  He highly recommended the Chef's Choice for the evening.  Seared Norwegian Salmon with Asian Stir Fry and Kikkoman Sauce.  Believe me, she wasn't sorry that she ordered it.  It wasn't just nice, she absolutely loved it.

We decided not to have dessert (I don't think the ladies at Weighless would have approved if we did anyway), but settled for a coffee instead.  The best part of Kitchen Cafe is that they don't just have the regular menu to choose from but also serve pizza and sushi, having recently welcomed a new Sushi Chef to the restaurant.  They also have a very well stocked bar which I just had a peek at on the way out the door.  That sherry on the end would have gone down very nicely on a cold night...

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  1. Sounds like a nice cosy evening with comforting food!! I gather the little ones weren't with you :)