Saturday, May 23, 2009

Traditional drummer

During my visit to Tourism Indaba recently I photographed a drummer at the Lesedi Cultural Village stand playing. I have a thing for cultural drumming, so I stood listening for a while.

His outfit also intrigued me, specially the plume of ostrich feathers on his head.


  1. Yay - I can comment again ! Have had difficulty and I see Janet has as well. Anyway - LOVE your sunset over Durbs! And those croc pics are amazing - he even has tiny black spots!! With your FB link - if you haven't any text besides the heading it seems to take the text from the previous post. I delete it by highlighting it, then deleting it (text only) then I type in the first few words of the relevant post and .. hey presto!

  2. I am playing catch-up again, and I always love the photos on your blog. (Loved the crocs...)

    I would love to hear the drumming. Do you have a video of them perhaps? I think it would be wonderful to hear them.