Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spar Ladies Race

This morning we headed down to the beachfront for the Spar Ladies Race. The Damselfly and Drama Princess took part while Chaos Boy and me made ourselves comfortable along the route.

Most of the nearly 10 000 participants took part in the 5km fun run while the 10km is more of a serious matter with most of the top 10km runners in the country take part. All entries get a t-shirt and this year it was a ocean of blue shirts.

Entry into the race is for women only and men wanting to take part has to dress up in drag. This guy showed more support for the Blue Bulls Super 14 rugby team than what he was getting from whatever had to keep those two pink balloons together.

Some guys really went all out. I just thought he ran a bit like a girl. His response... "I am a girl", before tossing his hair.

One kilometre left in the 10km race

Top South African runner Rene Kalmer leading the 10km race with 1km to go.

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