Sunday, May 24, 2009

Autumn colours

I was looking through some of my older pictures and found myself looking through the pics I took in Germany on a work trip about a year and a half ago. I realised that I haven't posted any of them before, so I may just end up doing a bit of Germany over the next couple of days.

Seeing that we are in the mids of autumn (fall) with winter trying to bang the door down, I will start with some autumn pics I took in the town of Wurzburg. Wurzburg was my favorite of the places we got to go during the trip. Sitting on to of a hill overlooking the town is the Fortress Marienberg. First fortified a 1000 years ago, the foundation of the current fortress was laid in about 1200.
This was some kind of creeper covering a wall inside the fortress

We don't have scenes like this where I come from, at least not around Port Elizabeth

I had to get a close-up of the leaves on the ground. I just love the autumn colours


  1. I love these, the colors are so beautiful! I'm originally from the mid-west in the US and the fall is beautiful there...I don't get that change of season here in Miami either. Looking forward to seeing more of your Germany photos. I went a few years ago in's truly a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing...I really enjoy your posts!

  2. I just love the colour of that creeper! Looks like amber! Love them!

  3. Oooh, I LOVE these pics, can't believe you didn't post them sooner! Can't wait to see the rest now...