Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinosaur hall

We visited the Port Elizabeth Museum at Bayworld today in celebration of International Museum Day. I love museums. To me its like an exploration every time I enter one. I also have many fond memories of the PE Museum and the countless visits there when I was still small. Not much has changed over the years at the PE Museum, but I still get excited when I do get the chance to go and visit. Over the next few days I'll show off some of the pics I took. Today's feature is the Dinosaur Hall. It was the reason for me wanting to become an archaeologist when I was still in school and even though I never did, I still have an interest and a collection of fossils.
Checking out the Triceratops skull through the teeth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

My favorite part of the Dinosaur Hall is the life size model of the Algoasuarus which lived right here in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

The model of a marine dinosaur which was also found in this area. When I was small I always found him to be a scary looking dude with his big open mouth.


  1. Was it not wonderful to share a childhood memory with your children today....looks amazing - and looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. I am also a great lover of museums! We were told that there is an interesting one at the Buddhist settlement near Bronkhorstspruit. Perhaps P and I should go and have a look for interest sake! Love the Algoasaurus!

  3. That´s great to see for children!

  4. That marine dinosaur looks very much like the sea and lake monsters I did a post about.

    I love museums. It looks as if you have a great dinosaur display there.

  5. Bradley and Connor would love this place!! I have three Woolies bags filled to the top with mainly dinosaurs and they get tipped onto the lounge floor most days!!!