Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After the other day's Random Roundness post I got a thinking. Well, a couple of random ideas flew around my head at least. The possibilities of "Random ..." posts are endless. So today I'm doing a "Random ..." post on "rust".

The fence in front of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Central, Port Elizabeth
A hole in the rusty shipwreck at Cannon Rocks

Part of a rusty fence at the St Peter's Church ruins


  1. Mmmm, like the idea of random shots that are more tied to a theme than to a particular place or setting. Brings all sorts of new ideas! Rust is a great subject to photograph - such beautiful texture and colour! The photos you posted yesterday are beautiful - I admire the fact that you take your lunch hour to drive somewhere to take a few interesting shots! I should definitely make more of an effort!

  2. Brilliant photo's once again...
    Love the 2nd one - such character
    3rd one is so interesting!!!
    you sure getting the artistic eye hey * giggle*

  3. HAHAHA, we spent one debaucherous holiday at canonrocks once. I love this shot simply for the fact that it made me giggle all over again thinking of all the ridiculousness we got up to.

  4. Such ordinary ugly things made to look so beautiful.

  5. You really do make ordinary things look special! Well done!

  6. Love those rusty pics such a great subject to choose, beautiful colours, number 2 is fantastic ! :0)