Friday, February 20, 2009

Carrion Flower

I have a specific liking for succulents and cacti and have various different types planted in pots and in the garden. One of the most interesting ones is the Carrion Flower.
There are different types of carrion flowers and this one comes from the genus Stapelia. This specific species are small, spineless, cactus-like succulent plants. It is native to South Africa, but apparently grown as potted plants elsewhere.

The flowers of all species are hairy to varying degrees and generate the odor of rotten flesh. Because this one is so small, you don't smell it from afar, but when you get your nose close to it, the smell is quite clear. The colour of the flowers also mimics rotting meat. This attracts scavenging flies who then pollinates the flowers.


  1. Beautiful colours, glad I cant smell it !!! I have heard of these but have never ever seen one before, especially so close up and in such detail. great shot :0)

  2. Grrr, I must say, I'm also glad I can't smell it! It's very beautiful though, almost looks like somethings you would find in the ocean.

  3. I have seen these at nurseries but never knew their interssting story! It does look like some sort of sea anemone...

  4. Interesting! Lovely colours but I'm glad I can't smell it.