Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Angels praying

Angels bowing their heads in silence

And in sepia... not just because I can, but because I think it looks good. It gives it a certain something which the colour doesn't.


  1. I like it in sepia. It lends more atmosphere to the image and gives more of a grave yard feeling (as jy weet wat ek bedoel...)

  2. Me Too sepia really is gives the image that "edge"...have to say I want that blue sky sent over here NOW !

  3. Yes .. also prefer the sepia ... gives the photo of the ANGELS depth!! It is a little creepy in a graveyard but so very interesting - especially the really old ones!

  4. I love the blue sky in the color photo...the sepia one sure adds a very different feeling to the picture...
    *giggle* good job!!
    I like the * because I can!*

  5. I also prefer the sepia - but I'd do a quick spell check before people start asking whether these are acute or obtuse angles... ;-)